Breastfeeding can feel hard, but it shouldn’t. We can help!

Do you feel bombarded by so much confusing advice coming in from every direction and don’t know which way to turn? We’re here to help! I provide compassionate breastfeeding care across Connecticut to help you feel empowered and confident and enjoy the amazing experience of breastfeeding and parenting.

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Welcome to the village!

Whether you are pregnant, a new breastfeeding mom, or breastfeeding your toddler we would love to have you join us at our free monthly breastfeeding support group "The Village" at Mulberry Gardens in Southington, CT.

"Patrice was a godsend! Feeding now has gotten considerably better thanks to Patrice's knowledge, patience and comfort. I'm so happy now that I can feed my baby the way I intended but without Patrice, I'm not sure how we would have made it through this."

- LaTanya

"Patrice is a dream to work with! She was a blessing to my son and I. Patrice is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and caring. She helped me through many struggles and working with us to get my son to latch on and me to not lose faith in the process. I so badly wanted to breastfeed and something just told me not to give up." 

- Holli

"Patrice was wonderful when my little one wasn't latching well and losing weight. She got me comfortable with nursing and confident in my ability to keep up with it. My little one is now 7 months + and still nursing strong! I love The Village Breastfeeding support groups so I can get support from other moms who have, or are going through, the same troubles as I am."

- Katherine

"Patrice saved my life!! Truly wonderful, kind and extremely knowledgeable. I was having pain and difficulty in those first few weeks of nursing and within minutes (literally!) she made our experience transform immeasurably. Definitely would highly recommend her services."

- Erin