Breast Pump and Scale Rentals

Looking for a hospital grade breast pump or newborn scale rental? They are often very hard to find! We rent Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pumps and newborn scales by the month, week or day. If you are in need - whether it is for a week or a month or a year - we are here for you! We also carry the accompanying breast pump collection kit that is needed. Not sure how to use it? Don't worry -  I can provide assistance with set-up and use of the pump.

Our fees are $79.00 per month. All forms of payment accepted (cash, checks, credit cards).

Need a breast pump rental now?


A hospital grade pump is a pump that can be used by multiple users so that it is safe for rental.  This requires that the pump is made in a way to prevent contamination and back flow and is thus safe for multiple people to use.  A hospital grade pump has a much smoother transition between suction levels and speed and can work faster and more efficiently for many moms.

Why would I need a hospital grade breast pump?

  • 1 Moms who are separated from their babies and are initiating their milk supply with a pump. Perhaps baby is or was in the NICU due a being a premie or being sick and you are not able to breastfeed so are initiating your milk supply by pumping. A hospital grade pump is the preferred pump if this is the case.
  • 2 Moms who are exclusively pumping by necessity or choice. If you have chosen to pump to provide breastmilk for you baby OR your baby is having a problem which is requiring you too pump exclusively for him/her then a hospital grade breast pump is your best choice.
  • 3 Moms who have had breast reductions or breast implants. Moms who have had breast surgeries need to have best practices in place to initiate milk supply and a hospital grade pump can be ideal. Breast surgery can cause a decrease in sensitivity to the nipple area because of nerve disruption and the hospital grade pumps wide range of suction/speed options can be ideal for working to maximize milk production.
  • 4 Moms who have a history of low milk supply. If you are a mom with a history of low milk supply then a hospital grade breast pump will be your best option for working hard to maximize milk production.


Looking for a scale rental?  We rent the Medela BabyWeigh Scale by the week or month. Our scale both allows you to simply weigh the baby but it also tells you how much they are getting when breastfeeding. Most scales are not able to sensitively measure this intake.

Why would you need a newborn scale?

  • 1 Babies transitioning home from the NICU often are not exclusively breastfeeding on their arrival home and having a breastmilk intake scale to measure what they are getting at breast can make managing how much to give them As supplement (if they are needing it) much easier.
  • 2 Any baby who is requiring some supplement in addition to breastfeeding - the scale allows you to know how much you might need to provide in supplement additionally.