Breastfeeding & Baby Care Workshops

READY TO REGISTER? You can sign up for all of our group classes through our online scheduling tool. All these classes can be purchased as shower gifts for pregnant mamas! Call us for gift certificates.


This 3 hour group class offers just what you are needing and wanting to know about all things breastfeeding. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in the informal and intimate setting- giving you the empowerment to succeed. You are encouraged to bring along your significant other or support person. We can also accommodate private in home classes for moms on bed rest or who simply desire private instruction.


For moms returning to work or school- this is the class for you! We cover how to combine breastfeeding and working, how to get started, when to start pumping and how much your baby needs while you are gone. Everything you need to know to be successful is discussed here. Discussion of pumps, when and how often to pump, storage and handling of breast milk included. The most common booby-traps are uncovered and the secrets that most don’t discuss are discussed here. You will leave here feeling confident and ready to head back to work.


This fun, interactive, informal and important CPR class is very popular. Everyone caring for your little one should be instructed in infant CPR. Being prepared for the unexpected eases everyone’s mind. Class includes time for instruction, practice scenarios and any questions. This is not a certification class but an informational class to reassure you that your caregivers and you yourself can respond to an emergency if the situation occurs.


This baby care workshop is a great fit for expectant or new parents. If you are feeling unsure about how to care for an infant- this is the class for you! You will feel reassured that you have the knowledge and guidance to take on all the new tasks of parenthood; diapering, baby bath, cord care, temperature taking, burping, taking care of the circumcision (if you are choosing this option). Baby already arrived - of course you can bring baby with you - we LOVE BABIES!