One Mom’s Success with an IBCLC Visit

March 5th was IBCLC Day! Often new moms are home, struggling, feeling lost and all alone in their new role – trying desperately to figure out what to do and how to do it. A little support, a listening ear, some nurturing guidance from someone who understands is often all they need. Here is one mom’s story of success about how an IBCLC helped her to reach her goals!

I was not successful breastfeeding with my first child. I didn’t know why. We worked with a lactation consultant with our pediatrician. We never had issues in the office, but at home she would fight and thrash about at the breast. She would cry and fuss. I ended up pumping for 6 months then moved over to formula. It worked for us. But I felt like it was my fault.

Then I had my second. It was the dream when it came to nursing. She was born, cleaned up and placed on my chest. She rooted around and latched with in seconds. Even the nurses commented on how quickly she latched. I was a proud momma. We nursed frequently. I watched the clock like a hawk. Before we left the hospital, my nipples were worn and cracked. It became a nightmare. The hospital lactation specialist said tongue tie. The resident pediatrician said “maybe.” Our pediatrician said tongue tie, the ENT said she needed to learn to suck and I needed to get used to it and said no tongue tie.

I left feeling like maybe breast feeding just wasn’t for me. I mean, it HAD to be me. Back to pumping. I felt defeated.

Then I decided to reach out to an IBCLC. Patrice responded to my email almost instantly. She was at my door the next day. She confirmed my daughter was indeed tongue tied and even lip tied. She help me get her to latch and nurse. She directed us to a wonderful dentist to revise my little girl’s mouth. She told me to ignore the clock. Nurse her when she’s hungry, let her nurse until she’s done and let her sleep. She let me know the first 4 weeks will be the hardest, but if I can make it through that, we’ll be ok. She was right about everything. Contacting her was the best thing I’ve done for myself as a mother. She let me know the issue wasn’t me. She helped and guided me from feeling defeated to a very successful nursing momma!

– Amy

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