Local Resources

Compass Wellness Center - center for pregnancy education, doula support, breastfeeding support, chiropractic services, massage therapy, and more

Bean Tree Babybaby wearing and cloth diapering information and supplies

Blooming Babies –  yoga for the pregnant mom

Doulas - find a doula in Connecticut

Lilee - infant massage classes & instruction

Little Riderscar seat installations and child passenger safety education 



Early Days of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding – 10 Steps for Success - Patrice Jones, PAC, IBCLC


Medications and Breastfeeding

Infant Risk Center - Dr. Thomas Hale


Milk Supply After Infant Loss

Byron’s Legacy:  A Story of Milk Donation and the Love of a Family

Lactation After Loss:  A Guide for the Bereaved Family


Sleep Issues/Cosleeping

Safe Cosleeping Guidelines – Dr. James McKenna

Cosleeping and Biological Imperative:  Why Human Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone

Safe Infant Sleep?  Who Decides?  On What Evidence?

Elizabeth Pantley  - The No-Cry Sleep Solution


Tongue Tie 

Dr. Ghaheri’s Blog Articles

Breastfeeding Should be Fun and Enjoyable- Dr. Kotlow

Congenital Tongue Tie and Its Impact on Breastfeeding  - Dr. Coryllos (Academy of Pediatrics)

Infant Reflux and Aerophagia Associated with Maxillary Lip Tie and Tongue Tie - Dr. Kotlow

Classification of Tongue Tie - Catherine Genna Watson and Dr. Brian Palmer

Ankyloglossia:  Assessment, Incidence and Effect of Frenuloplasty on the Breastfeeding Dyad - American Academy of Pediatrics

Tongue Tie from Confusion to Clarity - a book by Carmen Fernando



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