Client Testimonials

“Patrice Jones is an invaluable resource for any breastfeeding mother.  When I called about some breastfeeding issues with my newborn daughter, Patrice took the time to show me how to properly position myself to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.  Her extensive knowledge and calming presence helped ease my anxiety as a new mother.  She also has been a great support system, always ready and willing to answer questions or concerns along the way.  Thanks to Patrice, I have been successfully breastfeeding for seven months, and counting.  I highly recommend Patrice’s services to anyone who is planning to breastfeed, or is facing breastfeeding challenges.”
~ Amy from Wallingford, CT
“How do you put into words the immense gratitude that you have for someone that helped you during a time of doubt, worry, and insecurity??  Someone that  you feel is responsible for the health and well being of your beautiful daughter?  As a first time mother you want everything to be perfect.  You envision your baby breastfeeding with the light shining through the window, just like the photos show.  When it does not go as imagined you feel so many different emotions,  Am I doing the right things??  Am I a good mother?  Patrice entered my home and in a time where I was to say the least worried and frazzled – after a small amount of time with her I felt such support and such strength that I have now been flawlessly breastfeeding Sara for 5 months.  She is in the 75th  percentile and we share a bond that can not be explained.  Patrice has been a strong support for Sara and I and she is still there for us with any questions or concerns that I may have.  I highly recommend Patrice.”
~ Heather from Terryville, CT
“After an unsuccessful attempt to breastfeed my daughter three years ago, I was distraught when my son and I had difficulties with breastfeeding after his birth.  The nurses at the hospital knew how important breastfeeding was to me, so they called Patrice on my behalf and set up an appointment.  Patrice was my cheerleader, telling me that I was doing everything right and gave me the confidence to know that my son and I would have a great breastfeeding relationship.  Patrice continued to assist me for the next few months with different issues and now, six months later, my son and I are still enjoyng that wonderful  relationship. During those quiet moments of bonding with my son, I say a little prayer of thanks for Patrice’s help.”
~ Dawn from Southington, CT
“Patrice Jones is the most understanding, patient, observant, and helpful lactation consultant a new first time mom can ask for.  I did not seek out a consultant until late compared to most first time nursing mothers.  After trying relentlessly to overcome thrush for the third time, returning to work and learning to pump, and an infant who would barely get any milk but loved to nurse, I finally broke down and thought I’d quit.  After talking with Patrice twice I decided to have her come for a home visit.  I have thanked her, every single feeding, since then.  Silently as I nurse my 10 month old sweet boy, I thank her every single time.  Patrice not only comforted me in a time when I was broken down and depressed but she encouraged me to keep going with it.  That was 5 months ago and I could not be happier that I found her.  She is an inspiration to all mothers alike and I am happy and proud to recommend her services or support or even just her kind words to any new mother or even experienced mother that is having a hard time.  Thank you Patrice for all that you do, I will never be able to say enough thanks.”
~ Candace from Bristol, CT
“After our third office visit with no observable weight gain, our pediatrician referred us to a lactation consultant over an hour away who was too busy to see us until the following week.  I was at home, still exhausted and engorged and wondering how we were going to make the two-hour trip with my newborn son who was already not getting enough milk.  Fortunately, someone from that far-away office recommended Patrice, and she was able to come for a consultation at my home that same afternoon.  She spent almost three hours with us listening and responding to our unique needs.  She helped me to relax enough so that I could listen to my body and my baby.  Before she left, we developed a care plan so that I would feel confident knowing what I needed to do next.  
One of the great things about Patrice is that she takes you where you are and listens to  your experiences, rather than some other consultants I have worked with who simply walk in and start telling you what to do.  She is dedicated to serving the needs of breastfeeding mothers, and can easily relate to any nursing mother because she was one herself, for many years.  This is someone who truly believes in breastfeeding, and in you.  She is patient and kind and a joy to work with.  I would highly recommend her to any nursing mother, whether you are just starting out or having difficulties along the way.  She can be easily reached by phone and is available on an ongoing basis.  I am very grateful to Patrice for giving me the confidence and support I needed to succeed in breastfeeding.”
~ Stephanie from Southington, CT
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